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We champion self-determination and prosperity for Indigenous Nations in Canada.

Our services include comprehensive project management and community development. We secure funding, provide strategic business and social development programs, enhance organizational capacity, manage projects, and more.

Our Services

Navigate Government Funding (All Levels):

Assisting in identifying and applying for government funding opportunities across local, state, and federal levels.

Secure Corporate Community Investments:

Facilitating the acquisition of funding through corporate social responsibility programs.

Access Non-Profit Contributions:

Helping organizations obtain financial support from non-profit entities.

Non-Profit Organization Grants:

Guiding non-profits through the grant application and management process.

Proposal Writing and Review:

Providing expert assistance in crafting and reviewing grant proposals.

Grant Management and Reporting:

Managing grants and ensuring compliance with reporting requirements.

Our Services

Steel River Group specializes in consulting for Indigenous Nations, focusing on funding, planning, design, and construction management for essential infrastructure projects. Through collaboration, we ensure sustainable development and prosperity beyond project completion.

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Project Management

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